A new extension, "Google Analytics Dashboard" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Hi Nitriques - I'd personally suggest adding a screenshot to the readme - terribly superficial people like me will care about what it looks like :)

I'll be installing this on a project very soon I think - so will hopefully have some feedback! Could end up being one of my default installs.

Thanks for your efforts!

I would like to try out this extension, and I am a bit surprised that I don't see any Google Analytics Dashboard page in Symphony's backend after its installation, nor any config.php entries or options in System > Preferences.

Will it show up only after adding the p12 file or similar? I did not undergo the whole process of acquiring it yet (quite a procedure, I will feel like a pro afterwards :), but I am wondering, if it should be like this or if it's compatible with latest Symphony at all.

I got Symphony 2.6.3


Hi Juro, this would work if you have the Dashboard extension installed - it's a separate extension which gives a 'dashboard' as a welcome screen to logged in users. This is just an extension to provide a new screen/module to that dashboard extension. If you follow the readme it notes that you need to have the dashboard extension set up first.

Uh, I completely overlooked this. Vuav. I need to read more carefully.

Thanks Jonathan.

terribly superficial people like me will care about what it looks like :)

Terribly lazy people like me can't help it haha. Please fork and PR ! (see I am 5 months late in my response)

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