Symphony 2 is seven years old today. On September 18th 2008, the first commit was made in the Git repo: "Initial commit of Revision 5 code". I well remember "rev5", which was a pre-release (and an adventure). Since then, Symphony 2 has evolved a lot.

Happy birthday, Symphony 2! And a big "thanks!" to everybody who worked on it.


Happy birthday Symphony 2! You've been a part of my life since birth and I am proud and honoured to have shared my life with you.

Good to see Allen chime in! I was still going through the undergrad at the time, no idea what Symphony was but it was pretty much love at first sight. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Wow 5 years !

Thanks everybody!

No, 7 years. :-)

Congrats! And let many great years still to follow! Thanks to everybody everywhere for this great job and passion to come into reality. Symphony is an extraordinary system.

NB, how was the Symphony 1?

Symphony 1 was absolutely great — at that time. Some of the concepts can be found in Symphony 2, but the latter is even more flexible and extendable.

I can actually lively imagine that, based on what Symphony does now. Just great.

I love to have the W3C standards on board and all the options at hand to build and manage custom & optimized presentations of anything.

It's really nice thing. I'm new to web-programming, but this is really impressive. Just misunderstanding of some concepts kills my enthusiasm, sometimes. I Wish to have PostgresQL connector, maybe I'll write it later, when I become familiar with Symphony. It has nice XML-processing features, which could reduce framework load and logic complexity.

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