The last few days I have been working on enabling XSL and XPath 2.0. Version 0.1.0 is available as of today. It contains many features.

  1. xsl:for-each-group
  2. xsl:value-of with sequences and separator
  3. new xpath functions: string, date, math, sequence and aggregation
  4. is fully extensible
  5. compatible with your current xsl style sheets
  6. upgrade selectively (choose which documents use '2.0')

The library has almost 100% testing code coverage. It should be reliable and ready for production usage. The reason why it is not 1.0 is because the complete standard is not covered yet.

As this CMS is focussed on XSLT, I thought sharing here could be beneficial for the library. Hopefully some people might want to help improving.


@frederikbosch - Very exciting! Would love to try this out soon.

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