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I have a section of groups and a section of entries, which are associated to different group entries from the groups section.

I would like to take only one entry per a group.

I am not clear on how to do that in a nice way.

I ended up having a datasource for every group, but this is hard to maintain as groups can be freely added.

Can it be done with one datasource (or a chained one)? Or with some extension?


Can be done with a datasource, but most likely you'll need to customise it. You'd have to build a query which gets you the data which you want, and then output that.

As regards chaining I don't think there's a way to do exactly what you want, and neither a ready made extension as far as I'm aware.

I made a custom data source a while ago for this exact use case.

I used SymQL for convenience, but I guess you could also use EntryManager directly if SymQL doesn't work (not actively maintained).

Thanks a lot guys, I definitely will be able to move on with your infos and shares. I let know my results.

It should be a part of a bigger update of an older site.

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