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Hey all, haven't posted in here for awhile, but I've continued to use Symphony for a bunch of side projects and am still enjoying it.

Been working on a web app for project estimator tool that I came up with awhile ago. It uses Symphony on the backend along with a bunch of AJAXyness.

Would love anybody's feedback on it: Simplestimate

This looks amazing. AMAZING!

Very nice!

What, you used Symphony for the application? Or just the presentation layer?... In any case, very good looking indeed!

Definitely lot of love was put into that presentation, really nice job!

One thing what I miss there is some further responsive support for the images, like lazy loading (my favorite is lazysizes), in combination with src-sets or even picture tags if appropriate.

It uses Symphony for everything, including the application, the Members extension is heavily used.

Thanks juro for the suggestion, I will look into that.


Congrats - looks like a great tool and it's awesome to see Symphony being used for that kind of projects! I just recently finished my first frontend-only-webapp myself and while I had quite some struggles with all that AJAX Symphony itself suited me pretty well for everything I had in mind.

Out of interest - how are you creating the PDFs? With the urltopdf-extension?

@TheJester12 - Wow!


Hey Roman, I used the mPDF library, and liked it quite a bit. Some annoying CSS quirks, but overall I couldn't complain, it was much easier than I expected it to be.

@Roman urltopdf uses tcpdf if not mistaken, I've got a fork with mPDF which I found it a bit more consistent but it's not that difficult to set up once you get to understand the limitations.

@TheJester12 it's a pretty good application you've got there.

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