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Hi, I made a very basic exemple of how you can use symphony to output only a Json Api, consumed by a VueJs web app in front end.

Demo: http://sym-vue.vdcrea.com/

I will improve design and add images in the next versions.
Comments are welcome ;-)

And the link to download the ensemble: http://www.getsymphony.com/download/ensembles/view/111935/

Not really a fan of these "everything the browser already does, reimplemented in JavaScript" frontends, but your demo is really nice and shows one of Symphony's key strengths pretty well. Big thumbs up! :)

Thanks, and big thanks for CommonMark too ;-)
It s true it s pretty a pain to learn new "rendering/routing" framework Symphony handles very well without any fancy js, but this can be a starting point for a website but also for an hybrid app in a phonegap wrapper. This way you can share a lot of code between app and website.
Learning phone gap is on my todo list.

I stopped using Symphony a while back, mostly because my day job didn't involve XSLT, which I spent a few years investing my time in.

One of Symphony's great selling points is the cms/backend gui. It's a pleasure to use and what drives a lot of people to invest time in it.

I think this is a great ensemble and I look forward to using it as I'm heavily invested in the node sphere now.

I also think this is one of the spaces where Symphony can continue to make an impact - providing a nice platform to create API's for other technologies.


Hi fazal, I agree symphony is a pleasure to use and versatile. I looked for a pure API front end CMS, there is no open source solution as good as symphony out there.

I found Mongo (and noSql db in general) extremely easy to work with json. But at the end I preferred to stick with symphony for 2 reasons:

  • I like it, it's user friendly, and powerful for text manipulations
  • a shared hosting is enough to make it work

I think the great differentiator of a pure node environment is socket.io. But if you don't need real time, I feel Apache/Symphony CMS more adapted for my needs (an ensemble is a couple of Mo, not 250Mo with a huge amount of node modules haha).

Here is a new ensemble with a complete integration of Members.

Demo - GitHub
If you don't want to test with your email, you can use a disposable email

Front end js using Vue and css from Bulma, backend using Symphony Members, Email Template Manager, Anti Brute Force

I tried to make the registration process as seamless as possible:

  • confirmation password as been removed in favor of a see password option
  • Forgot password filled in with the latest login value
  • email login is saved to local storage upon registration/activation and proposed for the next login after logged out
  • activation and regenerate activation code are no more forms, activation is automatically submitted and if the result is an error a new activation link is automatically sent
  • login and register forms are removed for banned/blacklisted IPs.

I didn't find out how to use Anti Brute Force "unban via email" event and don't see it in the event list when I check it in the preference, so if you have any clue about how it works, it will be great.

[SOLVED: path to symphony root contained spaces and ETM seems to dislike it]

It seems that ETM/Export Ensemble failed somewhere, it is quite embarrassing. If you try to install the ensemble and edit an email template, a symphony fatal error will explain why your activation emails are not sent...

Error compiling xml with xslt: XSLTProcessor::importStylesheet(): compilation error: file /symphonyroot/ line 3 element import. An error occurred in /symphonyroot/extensions/emailtemplatemanager/lib/class.emailtemplate.php around line 196

Any idea why? Tried to set permissions on workspace before install but it didn't work.

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  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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