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I'm trying to import a simple xml file I made,

    <brand>Foo Bikes</brand>

Using the Xml Importer I set /bikes/bike as included element over which I'm looping, then in the mapping fields I set model as XPath expression.
Still, I'm getting <model>ABC</model> as content of the created field. I tried model/string() but I get an error.

Thanks for any help

Ok it was text(), not string() :/

Ok second problem, the brand field is, in my section, a select box link. I tried all the variations, foo-bikes, Foo Bikes, ID value, but the value entered is always None.

Thanks for any suggestion...!

Select box links should save the id value of the related entry, I ll dig it that way. In your brand section check out the id of the entry Foo Bikes.

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