I am trying to create a new page in a Symphony site, however the "Create New" button symphony/blueprints/pages/new/ opens an error page in the browser "HTTP ERROR 500". Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Also, can I add a page another way? eg Create an .xsl page outside of Symphony and upload it via FTP. If I do this, what else do I need to do to make the page visible on the site? Thanks for your help.

Does your server error log say anything about the cause?

I can at least answer your second question. Making your page visible would mean having to create an entry in the database table sym_pages. I won't explain this any further unless you want to go ahead and use PHPMyAdmin to do the thing.

Hello Petertron, thanks for your reply. There is no explanation regarding the server error, so in the interest in quickly adding this new page, I will manually add it. I'm happy to edit the PHPmyadmin database. Please explain how I should edit this table. Many thanks

I'm happy to edit the PHPmyadmin database.

Not quite right. You would be using PHPMyAdmin or another MySQL client to add a record to the pages table. If you have PHPMyAdmin to hand then you can do the following:

1. Find the database for your site and navigate to the table sym_pages;

2. Click on the "Insert" tab;

3. Enter the details that need to be entered. Leave the id field blank, since the ID will be auto-generated. Leave parent and path blank as well (assuming the page isn't a child page.)

Done. Thank you!

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