Hi guys,
I'd like to set up a system where I can manage members who can access different layers of information, to whom I can also send periodical newsletters. Number could amount to 5k. I need to manage subscription cycle, bounces etc. It would be great to manage everything from a single dashboard. I accept also suggestions for different solutions, alas! Thank you very much.

Only thing I know about is Michael’s E-Mail Newsletter Manager.

However, I found it quite a hassle to set up, not sure if that has become easier. I found it easier to simply manage email-adresses in symphony and have a copy & paste output to insert in the email app of your choice.

Everything members-wise should be manageable in members.

@Manaus, I'd suggest you'd plug symphony with a third-party api; like Mailchimp/Mailjet etc anyone which works for your client but you can certainly manage them from one place with an API

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