Hello, I was trying to set up a section, and on viewing entries, out of the blue, the system replied with a

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Table 'sym_mywebsite.sym_entries_data_52' doesn't exist
SELECT SQL_CACHE `e`.`id`, `e`.section_id, `e`.`author_id`, `e`.`creation_date` AS `creation_date`, `e`.`modification_date` AS `modification_date` FROM `sym_entries` AS `e` WHERE 1 AND `e`.`section_id` = 12 ORDER BY ( SELECT `ed`.value FROM sym_entries_data_52 AS `ed` WHERE entry_id = ) ASC LIMIT 0, 20

Is this fixable?

Ok I think I made it, I just removed all the fields from the Section, then recreating them one by one...

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