I found out today that XPath 3.1 supports JSON, which is rather interesting as it may make Symphony be able to consume and produce JSON documents fair more elegantly than what it currently does.

As always, libxml/libxslt seem to be off the pace, and don't support this yet. Saxon however, does offer support for XPath 3.1 and what I didn't know is that appears like it's available for PHP.

I really have no idea how much effort would be involved in supporting Saxon, but I thought I'd share anyway incase others wanted to dive in!

Mmm, just an update that I tried to get Saxon going locally and failed. My knowledge of building C and extensions for PHP is weak, so it's probably where I came unstuck!

I managed to get the module built, and my phpinfo showing that Saxon is available, but as soon as I run the command I'd get an error in my apache error log which is strange as the file definitely exists at that path.

Unable to load /usr/local/lib/libsaxonhec.dylib
Error: : No such file or directory

Might be something to do with my strange PHP setup (Homebrew/with custom vhosts on MacOSX).

Might be something to do with my strange PHP setup (Homebrew/with custom vhosts on MacOSX).

I have a Dockerfile for compiling a minimal PHP version from source in a Docker container. Maybe that could server as a starting point for further experiments.

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