Is there a guide or other simple explanation of Symphony concepts from Wordpress user's perspective. Simple parallels, what are equivalents of posts, pages, custom fields, feature image, wp_query, single.php, etc, things that help us get started?

I don't know of any guide or tutorial that is focused on explaining Symphony from a Wordpress developers perspective but I guess something like that could be quite useful actually as lots of people are familiar with the concepts of Wordpress and kinda used to the "Wordpress Workflow".

I haven't used Wordpress for a very long time, so I'm not really familiar with all of its concepts any more, but the following explanation might give you a first idea:

Wordpress "posts" are "entries" in Symphony. "Entries" belong to sections which are configured by the developer and consist of different "fields" - as there are no default or obligatory fields in Symphonys sections you can think of every field beeing a "custom field" (in Wordpress terminology).

Have a look at the "Symphony visual overview" - it explains the core architecture pretty good.

As for Symphonys "pages" they are pretty far away from what you call "pages" in Wordpress as far as I remember. Don't think of them as single frontend pages that each have their related area in the admin-area where you could directly edit and style their content. They're more like configurable templates that can process any entry/entries from any section(s) and turn that data into anything.

And that "anything" is maybe the biggest difference (and advantage) in my eyes - Symphony doesn't make any assumptions about what you want to build. The frontend is 100% up to the developer. As a result you will neither find any "themes" for Symphony (every frontend is unique) nor "extensions" that try to meddle with your frontend code. Meaning you will propably have to invest more work to get your site up and running, but in return you'll get the freedom to build exactly what you want - without beeing forced into any assumed structures or hacking/adjusting not self written frontend-code all the time (at least that's what I hear about what working with Wordpress looks like nowadays).

So if you don't care about themes, like to be in control and to build your frontend yourself Symphony might be a very good choice for you. In that case I'd recommend continue reading here:

Symphony is like lego (building blocks) vs Playmobil (wordpress, the already configured toys). Can't explain it more simple :)

@plenaforma brilliant! :D

Is there a simple explanation of Symphony concepts from Wordpress user’s perspective?

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