I set up a Symphony test instance on a local system and used it for a while. My colleagues have created a lot of content they'd rather not have to start again.

I've exported to an AWS server by transferring the web directory and a database dump. Now, when I log in, I get an XSRF error. Is there a way to fix this - to modify the instance to run happily on a new server?

You should be able to edit an .htaccess and allow the resources that you want to get.

What kind of content are u trying to access?

There's a lot of entries with data about a test project, as well as documents. I was hoping to just export the web content and database from our test platform and import it into the AWS system.

To clarify: I wouldn't mind just installing from the start again, but that would give me an empty instance and my colleagues would have to enter all their data again.

I have fixed it by changing PHP version. AWS uses PHP 7 by default; I saw in another thread that Symphony 2.6.x doesn't work with PHP7. I've reinstalled with PHP5.6 and it's now working!

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  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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