Can any one advise us on the following please?

We have inherited a Symphony site and are trying to move it to a new server.

The site uses an older version of Symphony - 2.1.2

We have used the Export Ensemble to create a zip file.

We have transferred the files from the zip to the public_html on the new server and created a new empty database.

This is where we have run into issues. The export appears to have two database sql files in it. one is /install.sql and the other /workspace/install.sql

We are unsure how best to import these into our new database.

I have tried to import the /install.sql but get an error.

Any advice on transferring the site would be much appreciated.


Hi David,

as of me, I would do it more simple, just copying files and exporting/importing the DB:

  1. Create a DB on the new server based on the parameters in /manifest/config.php,
  2. Export old DB (as seen in config.php) / import into the new DB,
  3. Copy all files from the old server to your new server public webroot.
  4. Enjoy.

sorry forgot the attachment...


Hello Juro

Thanks very much for your rely and advice.

I have created a new database and imported the original into this using myphpadmin.

I have then copied all the original files to the public html and edited the config.php file to match.

Unfortunatley it has not gone quite right.

I have also edited the .htaccess file but this did not help.

The result of the migration can be seen here:

I have also attached the a copy of the current contents of the .htaccess file.

Any further help much appreciated.

Not sure if you've seen the same outcome from server's webroot, but to me the site is working well.

There are just broken links all over the site, because the site is placed in a subdirectory /bryan/ and not directly into webroot / (or public_html), where the site expects to be.

Edit: To note, there is no need to overwrite anything in files in terms of a site's transfer, unless there were prior added some custom config values written in .htaccess, /manifest/config.php (if DB changed), or in Preferences options in Symphony's backend, and are not valid on the new server. The rest is about to meet the Symphony's version related server requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to help us.

I moved the site to public_html and it all works great.

Thanks again


You're welcome.

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