For someone upgrading from 2.6.x are there any breaking changes? Anything I should be careful to check?

I haven’t seen anything breaking from 2.6 to 2.7. I’ve updated to PHP 7 too in those cases, which means some extensions will break. But most important ones have updates already or are really easy to fix.

Thank you developers for continuing to make symphony great! Much appreciated!

2.7.1 is out !

Yeah! :D

And 2.7.3 is out !!


Sweet! Planning my upgrade... : ]

I will be upgrading from 2.5.2 and see a lot of compatibility is set to "unsure" on extensions.

Do you think I'll likely run into issues?

I'm afraid my PHP skills are pretty terrible so troubleshooting will be hard for me. Either way I'll back up and can always restore if things so haywire.

I haven't been involved in this project for years, but I'm impressed it's still running. Symphony is still my favourite CMS of all time. Great work @nitriques

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