I have version 2.3.3 running and I'd like to upgrade to the newest version (2.7), but when I tried the package installation it crashed my site (500 error).

This happened also when I went from 2.0 to 2.3:

Can anyone help me upgrade so I don't ruin my site again?

Like @wdebusschere suggested at you should have a look at your php error log first as to get a clue what’s going wrong.

I upgraded from 2.3.4 to 2.7.x (git) and it seemed to go ok, however something doesn't seem right. Also tried installing 2.7.x directly, with extensions and the basic site. Same issue. Can't edit the xsl - pages or utilities. Strange....

Onwards Symphony v2.4, XSL templates cannot be edited via default Symphony backend. Workspacer extension reintroduces this ability.

As of me, I edit/develop XSL files with my IDE.

Thank you, that was it. Incidentally I think that's a good change.

The upgrade went smoothly, really without any issues. However, I took the time to watch reygoch videos on youtube. Hats off to him for creating such helpful tutorial. If you happen to read this, 'thank you'. I ended up recreating the site from scratch and refactored much of it, so I didn't end up needing the upgrade.

For anyone wanting to upgrade only, this is what I initially did, right or wrong it seemed to work. YMMV.

PS: site is on a shared server, with shell access. -> ~/public_html/mainsite -> ~/public_html/sym_2.3.4 -> ~/public_html/devsite -> ~/public_html/sym_2.7.x

Backup/mysqldump database, then re-import to a new database for dev work.

git clone git:// 
cd ~public_html/devsite
git checkout --track origin/bundle   # to get standard extensions
git submodule update --init --recursive
cp -r ~/public_html/mainsite/workspace ~public_html/devsite/
cp -r ~/public_html/mainsite/manifest ~public_html/devsite/
vi ~public_html/devsite/manifest/config.php
# Change database params to point to new database/credentials

Point browser to

Dialog showed: upgrading from 2.3.x to 2.7.x. Click upgrade

# For some reason htaccess wasn't installed or upgraded
cp install/includes/htaccess.txt .htaccess
vi .htaccess
 # change:  RewriteBase "/<!-- REWRITE_BASE -->"
 # to:      RewriteBase "/"
 # (Or whatever. Refer to 2.3.4 htaccess file)
mv install install_78290js7jdks78923 # security by obscurity


# When ready, point mainsite to 2.7.x.
rm ~/public_html/mainsite  # remove link to sym_2.3.4
ln -s ~/public_html/sym_2.7.x ~/public_html/mainsite  # add link to sym_2.7.x

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