On a productive site, already more than two years in use, I cannot save changes to a section (saving entries to that section works fine). Unfortunately I cannot find out what led to that problem.

  • I open a section
  • press the button "Edit section"
  • press the button "Save changes"
  • the browser tells "waiting for "

Does anyone have a hint how I could find out? Is there a way to debug? Thank you!

Anything in the Symphony- or PHP-Logs?

Hello animaux

I get less information than I hoped for. After 1200 seconds I get an error page (frontend). It's content is the same as the Apache error log and the Symphony error log:


Fatal Error: GenericExceptionHandler 1: Maximum execution time of 1200 seconds exceeded on line 386 of file /home/username/


[error] [client XXX.XXX.X.XX] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 1200 seconds exceeded in /home/username/ on line 386, referer:

That does not really help. Or does it? Thanks for any hint!

Hmm, it does sound like the is some kind of endless loop going on. I’m too little a programmer to help here I’m afraid. Maybe @nitriques can help via gitter?

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