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Back in 2008 I made a site for a friend in Symphony 1.7. Now the webhost decided to drop support for PHP prior to 7.0 which isn't a bad decision security-wise. Therefore the quite outdated Symphony 1.7 wasn't working anymore. So I tried to fix the many script-errors that were thrown and finally got the site up and running again with a more or less "custom" version.

Now that everything is working again, I thought, I could try to upgrade to the latest version to get the site back in to the "support" range. But that doesn't seem to be a trivial task.

Has anyone an easy to follow tutorial for the steps involed? Honestly, if it is too much of a hassle, I won't do it because the site isn't that important. But if i don't know what is need to be done I don't know if it is woth it. ;)

wkr Matthias

I started with Symphony 2.x, so I’m not totally sure. But I think there is no direct strightforward way to migrate directly. A bigger problem is likely extensions.

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