Yes I know -- it's ancient.

The host I'm on is forcing a php upgrade from 5.6 -> 7.2, and testing it in advance shows that it does seem to break my site (500 errors).

I assume the sensible thing is to upgrade to symphony 2.7.7, but I'm obviously worried about potential pitfalls in that process. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.

(What Symphony Version are you running? Oh sorry, it says in the title …)

Going from 2.0.x is a bit of sport. Might be easier to export data and rebuild on a fresh 2.7.x installation, reusing your templates and so. Depends a lot on which extensions you have running.

Thanks for the response. This is the extensions list I have now:

Debug DevKit 1.0.3 Export Ensemble 1.9 Field: Select Box Link 1.10 File Manager 0.8.2 Formatter: Rich Text (TinyMCE) 1.0 Formatter: Textile Plus 1.0.2 HTML Formatter 2.1.0 JIT Image Manipulation 1.05 jQuery Date Picke 1.1 Maintenance Mode 1.1 Markdown and SmartyPants Text Formatter 1.8 markItUp! 1.0 Profile DevKit

None of those jump out at me as being very crucial. It sounds like you're advising: export the database; install 2.7 from scratch; import the db

Is that right? I'm a bit nervous about steps 2 and 3...

In any case you should work with a development copy of the site and its database!

It sounds like you're advising: export the database; install 2.7 from scratch; import the db

I’m afraid there a more stepes involved. You would have to create an ensemble and the the DB, but I have never tried that myself. Or you would have to recreate all the pages, datasources, etc. by hand and copy your templates afterwards. That would be very very tedious.

Since you don’t have any special extensions running I would actually give the upgrade-path a try:

Try updating to 2.2.x first, or maybe even 2.1.x and then 2.2.x. Then go up to 2.3.x and from there to the latest version.

Have a look at all the info here.

Good luck! ;)

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