Hi All, is there anything special needed to update symphony site to https? I use dreamhost and planned on trying to follow these steps to try and fit with symphony:

That said, wanted to see if there was anything special to do with symphony.

I am on Symphony 2.7.7 is my site.

Thanks so much. Adam

Hi Adam, it appears that your website is working fine on HTTPS already :)

In my experience, switching from HTTP to HTTPS is seamless as far as Symphony is concerned.

You should check that any hard-coded links are not pointing to the HTTP version, but again, looks okay from here.

You could upgrade to 2.7.10 (3.0.0 I do not think is stable enough yet).

Hah! Well, thank you. I haven't actually done anything I don't believe...but that's cool! Thanks a lot for checking! I'll plan on doing an upgrade on my dev environment to make sure that extensions still work. Thanks again!

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