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Sorry guys, I really didn't know where to start this topic. :P

I would suggest to let custom fields boxes to expand/collapse for the sake of making them easier to reorder. I guess it could be achieved with a bit of effort, while the benefits are evident considering that just with 5 fields a v-scrollbar appears making things a little tougher. :P What do you think of it?

Btw you rock guys, always and forever. I'm absolutely looking forward to the stable release. :D

No need to apologise, this is an excellent idea. :)

Allen made the same suggestion a while back, when the Subsection JS class needed to cater for too many different cases, and I didn't want to add further complexity. But now since we've removed those different cases, this should actually be much easier to implement. I'll take a look at adding this before the final release.

I've added a feature request for this, with some analysis of different ways it could be implemented.

I'd like to hear the suggestions of anyone who's interested in this, but keep in mind it should be simple. (This is an open source project after all; the codebase should be welcoming to new developers.)

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