A new Extension, “Collapse Sectionfields” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This extension solves a big annoyance when working with a large amount of sectionfields and trying to order them.

Collapse Sectionfields

 Version: 1.0.0
 Author: Carsten de Vries <>
 Build Date: 11 July 2009
 Github Repository:
 Requirements: Symphony 2

Adds a link to collapse all fields in section edit pages, which makes ordering a large amount of sectionfields a lot easier.


  1. Upload the ‘collapse_sectionfields’ folder in this archive to your Symphony ‘extensions’ folder.

  2. Enable it by selecting the “Collapse Sectionfields”, choose Enable from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.

  3. Section edit pages now have a link to collapse/uncollapse sectionfields.


I’ve been hoping for something like this for a long time. Will definitely be giving this a go. Thanks, @carsten!

I sent a pull request for this commit:

Brilliant work on this extension. The lack of this feature has been a long-endured annoyance. Thanks for bringing it to an end.

I’ve removed jQuery, since the admin already loads jQuery 1.3.2. Also, I’ve replaced $ with jQuery so this extension runs in “no conflict” mode. Plus, I fixed the extra space below the head elements by setting the margin-bottom property of the h4 to 0 in the JavaScript file.

This really should be part of the core!

Stephen, thank you for the compliments and improvements! It would be great if this functionality would be added to the core.

I tried to leave jQuery out the extension, but it wouldn’t work probably because it ran in “conflict” mode then. The jQuery code can probably be optimized to work with a few lines less, but this code does the trick.

I’ll push your commit to my master repository when I get my SSH to work (probably in the morning).

hey carsten, i just added “toggling” functionality when you’re in the “collapsed” view. I also rewrote the functionality to be in a private, anonymous function so that it doesn’t add anything into the global namespace. I don’t know how to use git, so i posted it as a gist file.

let me know if this works fine, or if there should be some modifications. One bug I have noticed is that when you have Niels’ Mediathek field added into a section and then go into the “uncollapsed” view, a lot of unwanted elements are shown. I know where the issue is, but I haven’t figured out how to handle that into what I’ve added.

Rowan’s work on the JS overhaul includes duplicator collapse as part of the core. The plan is to have the new JS system in the upcoming Symphony update.

wtdtan, thanks for improving my code! I haven’t used the Mediathek field yet, but perhaps it’s worth the wait for the upcoming Symphony update and see what’s fixed.

I thought I remember some discussion of including the collapse section fields functionality in the 2.0.7 data source editor. Will that be happening? Or does this extension need to be updated for 2.0.7? I miss it a lot.

I miss it a lot.

So do I.

This was out of scope for 2.0.7, but it’s something we’re doing for 2.1.

So it’s good that I posted the issue on GitHub.

Thanks for the update, Allen

I don’t have time to work on this right now, unfortunately.

Please feel free to post any fixes with a pull request on Github. Or, we have to wait for 2.1 :/

I have re-worked this extension for 2.0.7 and will try to put up a repo and send some pull requests soon. It will definitely need a new version number. It will not work in pre-2.0.7 releases.

[EDIT]: It will work now in Symphony 2.0.6, but a bit different. I will put up a repo tomorrow.

I have forked the repository on GitHub, rolled in my changes and sent some pull requests.

The extension behaves differently now, which is related to the changes in Symphony’s UI. But I hope that Carsten will like it and release and new “official” version.

Hmm. No auto update here, but I have applied the changes. Thanks for the effort, Michael!

Feel free to translate the words “Collapse” and “Uncollapse” in your own language and send pull requests to include your language file in the extension.

Thanks, Carsten.

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