I’m having a problem with a data source returning entries from a comments section connected to Tumblr entries.

I have a URL like this:{$tumblr-type}/{$tumblr-id}

The DS tumblr-comments is filtering the comments section for comments with an ID of $tumblr-id. However, when the URL does not contain $tumblr-id the blog page should return all entries of a certain $tumblr-type without including comments.

So set the “Required URL Parameter” for the tumblr-comments DS to $tumblr-id and when debugging a URL lacking $tumblr-id (eg. it does still return comments, for all entries. According to the debug/params page the $tumblr-id is empty.

How come? I’m I missing something?

I can never remember, should the syntax in the Required Output Param be $tumblr-id or {$tumblr-id}?

This could be a separate issue (or “feature”) whereby a Data Source ignores a filter rule if the filter parameter doesn’t exist. In your DS filter I guess you have this:


You could change this to something like:


Which means “use $tumblr-id if it exists, if not fall back to using a value of 0) — since there will be no entries with an ID of 0 none will be returned. The Required URL Parameter was introduced to prevent having to use this more hacky technique, I think.

That solved it, thanks. (Both solution works, either use {$tumblr-id:0} or remove the curly brackets from the “Required URL Parameter” field.

The “Sorting and limiting” fieldset sais “Use {$param} syntax to limit by page parameters.” so I used {$tumblr-id}. However, when changing it to $tumblr-id it works as intended, I belive the “hint” in the sidebar should say:

Use $param syntax to limit by page parameters.

Thanks again Nick! It’s really a plesure working with Symphony and this community is awsome!

@pertoyra: You are right, this bothered me several times. If you find the time, would you please post this on the bug tracker at Github?

@michael-e: Sure thing, it’s saturday, I got all the time in the world since the girl and dog ain’t in town! ;)

EDIT: Issue added to github.

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