I found it through a twitter message.

It took 140 characters of text to make you check it out? Nice. ;-)

via astig.

I ran into Symphony by accident (Googling for “CMS” and “XML output”). I started working with it 2 days ago. I am using it as a back-end for a full Flash website. I have some basic knowledge of it know and I think I can use it for virtually any site. Symphony is by far the most flexible and versatile CMS I ever worked with and I am somewhat surprised that it isn’t it in top 5 list of most used systems yet. I has a huge potential!

Welcome Jelmer, we wonder the same thing ;-) Glad it aligns well with your Flash project.

I do love Symphony on the surface. I tried to get my head round a couple of years ago and bauhouse even made a theming guide in 2006 based on a css template i ported from another cms (wordpress i think) it was called Qwilim! - cant seem to find it on here after the redesign.

I was mightly put off by XSLT. Programming not being a forte of mine, I defected to textpattern and wordpress. (textpattern being superior imho). I really out to nail it and come back to symphony. i can see its 350kb of raw power, if i cud just get to grips with XSLT.

Cant remember how i first heard of symphony. I think i stumbled on it via a forum post somewhere on the interwebs and curiosity made me google it.

Incredible: Searching info about the “symfony Web PHP Framework”, I’ve wrote symphony instead of symfony, and I found the truly love! I’ve abandoned Joomla (after 3 years) for the best CMS I’ve ever seen!

Hello everyone, I found this CMS fooling around Guys, this is a fantastic CMS. Congratulations!

A few months have been trying to develop a CMS with very similar concept, a flexible content types and fields. But without much success. With a week, I met the Symphony and then decided to try. I’m glad to have found and changed my months developing my project to devote myself to the Symphony.

Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress … These CMSs not used for much of the purpose that my clients ask me, why the need for a flexible CMS.

I look forward to contributing the little knowledge I have for this community, by the way, already offers many extensions and scripts that rules. =D

Thanks for the amazing development tool!

I had heard of Symphony a while back, but dismissed it because I was not very interested in XSLT at the time.

Yesterday I came across a situation where I had to use XSLT for a project. After going through a few tutorials I realized that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. So I looked up Symphony again and gave it a test run. As it turns out, Symphony is (almost) exactly the dream CMS I had wanted. I am sold!

I am planning on using Symphony for 2 projects that I am working on right now, one if which is my new site. I also hope to contribute some extensions as well, but at this point the developer documentation is lacking. Hopefully that will change soon.

I actually found Symphony on a CSS gallery site, and decided to have a closer look. It seemed very intriguing, considering I know very little about PHP and SQL (and thus Wordpress and the like just look scary to me), so I decided to have a closer look at it.

Searched for XSLT CMS on… item 1 was as far down the list of results I needed to go.

Hello everyone. Nice to meet such a great community!

I’m a long-time ExpressionEngine user and I still think it’s a great CMS. But Symphony looks very promising and I’d like to take a closer look at it and learn the system better. Some concepts in both systems look similar so I think it’ll be much easier to understand the principles of Symphony. I hope very much I’ll find answers to all my questions on this forum. Thanks in advance for your help.

I had fiddled with XSLT before and designed a XSLT character sheet for EVE Online (unpublished). From there I saw some potential for using XML APIs to generate page content for websites, but there were several problems: 1) you can’t always expose the XML itself to the user, 2) it doesn’t always make sense to expose multiple API endpoints with the only difference being the stylesheet employed, 3) relying on the browser to do the translation for you reduces potential audience, and 4) if you don’t want users browsing the ugly API URLs in order to navigate, you have to have some sort of front end sitting in front of the XML.

Over the last year I’d randomly try to Google solutions. I came across both AxKit and mod_xslt, but the former is dead and the latter didn’t seem actively maintained. It was looking like I’d have to build a custom solution if I wanted it. A few days ago I had the fortune of putting “xslt cms” into Google, and finally found a model that lets me easily incorporate raw data into page design. :)

My main man Doug Stewart bugged me into learning it. Putz :)

I was reading the same article by Hicks on cms while researching CMS and so some mentions on Symphony and decided to check it out!

Hello! I’ve been told about it at work. The way it has been described to myself sounded exactly like the thing I was searching for a long time.


I found Symphony searching for an alternative to Drupal!


I was introduced to symphony by an alumnus of my college.

We were trying to build a new website for our college, and our current CMS was a custom-built 1990s piece of software that sucked to say the least.

Unfortunately, I dismissed symphony as another “PHP templating engine”. I rediscovered it again after 6 months. Now I’m a much wiser developer, and have taken to it like a bird to sky.


Hi, I found Symphony while looking for a more flexible CMS, Googled “Xml CMS Open Source”. I have a client that wants to move a Windows App to the Web, and all the usual CMS’s do not meet the requirements, so I’m going to give Symphony a go.

Recommended to me by a couple of friends as something they had seen that looked cool.

Well.. It all started about 2 years ago when I started to go through CMS upon CMS for my upcoming blogfolio. Each and every one getting me no closer to what it was I wanted.

I’m much less of a developer than I am an artsy-creative. My only real experience in web development goes back to my mid-late teens and web 1.0, when I had a forum site running on phpBB2+fetchall mod. I learnt the whole system inside out, even building my own bb skin to match my portal, and that is how I now know everything I do know about development.

So… When that site went down after two years. I had a break. A four-year break to be precise. Trying to come back onto the web after 4 years isn’t easy to say the least. I see all these sites, saying ‘powered by wordpress’ and ‘powered by drupal’ etc, thinking wow this is exactly what I need on my site. Then when it comes down to using these CMS’s, it’s a case of installing thousands of mods and editing about a gazillion files to make your template custom. Even then they wouldn’t handle things the way I’d want them to.

So… The other day. I took my dilemma to a forum - It was there I was recommended Symphony by someone called … Doug Stewart and straight away I knew it wasn’t just what I wanted, but what someone like me needs. I could tell from the screenshots alone.

I downloaded it. Uploaded it and encountered that classic LibXSLT error. After embarrassing myself on a few more forums I got my webhost to enable an XSLT processor and now it’s all up and running; I’ve just got to get to work customising and building : )

Keep up the great work, crew!

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Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

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  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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