A new Extension, “Publish Notes Field” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Lets you add and arrange arbitary HTML content on the ‘Publish’ screen. Baked fresh daily on Github.


  • The “Label” field is required by Symphony, the extension outputs your “Label” in handle-ised form as the ID if your notes field on the Publish screen. While not immediately useful it gives you a hook for use by custom JavaScript if you need it.

  • With great power comes great responsibility: the “Note” field let you put whatever you want in it and that raw output is included on the Publish screen.

    Be careful you don’t break anything.


  • 0.1.1: Allow notes to be entry specific, added inline editor.

Nice work ;)

Thats something I wanted to have a long time ago… I even started writing my own. Thanks! :-)

FYI: I’ve updated this extension to fix a couple of bugs and expand the functionality.

In addition to being able to add arbitrary HTML to the Publish page you can now edit the notes inline for each Entry. This means you can have a default note for a Section but if needed you can be more specific for an individual Entry. It looks kind of like:

alt text

That’s awesome.

This is a feature request: It would be very cool to have a configuration option for the field to switch off editing. Could just be a checkbox named “editable”.

Meanwhile I developed my own “Publish Help Text” extension, which has some funny features (like Markdown and param syntax parsing), but no editing capability. I am rather happy with it, so the above feature request may be marked “obsolete”.

It would be very cool to have a configuration option for the field to switch off editing.

Indeed it would, I’d thought the same but hadn’t got around to implementing it yet. I’ll try and find some time to add it in soon. BTW if you want to fork this extension and roll in your other changes I’d be more than happy to add you as a contributor—let me know.

@Makenosound: Thank you, but at the moment I won’t find the time to contribute. That’s why I did a complete re-write – i needed a quick solution for one of my clients. When time comes to clean up, I will think about what to do with this extension. At the moment I don’t want to release it, because maybe it is one extension too much (doing more or less the same thing)… But if you like to take a look, I can send it to you to. You’ll find my E-Mail on the “Kontakt” page of my website.

Great extension Max, one thing I noticed is if I have the Notes field above say a check field, then the spacing is very limited.

Although I have just realised that I can add html into it. So that’s a double bonus. Loving this feature.

Have found a conflict with Publish Tabs, have added it to the Issue Tracker.

Publish Notes Field updated to version 1.0 on 19th of March 2011

Now with even more:

  • Symphony 2.2 compatibility thanks to Nick Dunn
  • Ability for developers to set notes to editable or not

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