UPDATED: March 9, 2011

xsl:apply-templates basics by Allen Chang --- An introduction to using <xsl:apply-templates /> with a examples to show how efficient and reusable this concept can make your code.

Understanding Recursion by Allen Chang --- This is a demonstration of how to use recursion in XSLT, an extremely useful technique.

I believe these are version independent and have added them to the documentation. Thanks!

Seems those links are no longer available. Could someone fix? I'd love to watch them. Thanks.

@4ll4n - They are located here on

Cheers bzerangue

The symphony song is ace :)

The symphony song is ace :)

I came across that on Vimeo the other day and found, to my surprise, I could add videos to the Symphony group. In fact, I'm just off to have another listen. :)

Hah.. it's so easy listening :-b (smokes pipe)

What Mac XML editor are you using in the videos?

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