Hi all,

this is my first post, I don’t know if someone talk about it before but as a newbee in Symphony I think could be great that the most expert users list the extenssions they most use in their projects and they think are essential extensions that could be delivered by default with Symphony installation.

I read in some post discussions about if this extension must be in the core, or this other, then could be great this list as start point for the new users to get a complete symphony instalation.

Thanks and congratulations for this real active community.

Hi, if you are just starting, you should not think too much about extensions, but experience the Symphony core’s flexibility first. Try and build a website. You will see that even with a few “core extensions” (provided in the download) Symphony is much more powerful than many other systems out there packed with dozens of extensions.

That said, well, we will indeed need a better way to display existing extensions, to tag or categorize them, to evaluate them and to show compatibility info. I am rather sure the team is working on this.

Thanks for your reply michael, I built some sites with symphony 1.7 in the past, then I know some of the features and power of this cms but not enough to determine which are the most used extensions that I could use in almost every project.

For sure that after some more experience with symphony I will have my favorite extensions playlist ;-), but until then a playlist from the experts could be a good starting point.

So here is mine, which is highly subjective. It is not intended to mark any unnamed extensions as inadequate. It is just a list of extensions which I found useful in different client projects.

I am using the following frequently:

  • admin_css_override
  • collapse_sectionfields
  • content_type_mappings
  • datestamp_helper (NEW)
  • entity_diagram
  • globalresourceloader
  • order_entries
  • pagesfield
  • publishfiltering
  • section_schemas
  • serverheaders
  • static_section
  • textformatter_labels
  • uniqueinputfield
  • uniqueuploadfield

Plus, of course: All the extensions which are included in the Symphony distribution.

Great list! Thank you michael… Sombody wants to share his most used extension playlist¿?

Hope to get more experience in symphony soon and publish my own list

I add these to most new builds:

  • Firebug Profiler
  • EventEx
  • Section Schemas
  • Publish Filtering
  • Global Resource Loader
  • Unique Upload Field or Hash Upload Field
  • Order Entries
  • Entity Diagram
  • Unique Text Input Field
  • Pages Field
  • Number Field
  • Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)

I don’t use many extensions that modify the backend UI itself — most are different fields types.

Of these, there are six which I use in every build:

  • Publish Filtering — quick searching in the backend
  • Order Entries — reordering of entries in the backend
  • Pages Field — associate entries with pages
  • Number Field — native number handling (sorting)
  • Unique Text Input Field — enforce unique values/handles
  • Unique Upload Field — allow two of the same file to be uploaded

I’ve flicked through the whole list of all extensions and decided that only these six would personally be useful as default extensions bundled with Symphony. In fact I’m of the opinion that some of these should actually be in the core — re-ordering, number field, unique text and unique uploads.

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