+1 for what @creativedutchmen said above regarding difficulties with extensions and datasources.

I agree. I found How to Create a Custom Data Source in Symphony CMS 2 helpful, and would love to see more of that kind of stuff, that complements the great API documentation.

I think it's that the usage of symhony is pretty well documented (datasources, events, sections, etc), but the extending isn't. Most of the current hardcore developers for Symphony are pretty familiar with the core, but I can imagine there is quite a big hurdle for newcomers to write their first extension.

Exactly. Except I wouldn't really consider myself a newcomer anymore and I'm far beyond writing my first extension (did some customization for client projects, helped updating or rewriting some Symphonists extenions, fixed a lot of smaller bugs in other's extensions, etc.), but I often have a hard time getting started with something I haven't done before in Symphony.

This would probably work best in cook book format, using your list above since it's not linear. It could just be a series of short explanations and gist code examples.

Right. Brendan's gist on custom events is a great example and a good start, but I have to google it every time because I always forget where it's located. And it's only for a very specific usecase, I think, meaning events that actually store data in sections.

Or, if you don't feel comfortable writing the actual articles, maybe you could start compiling a list of subjects you feel are absolutely necessary to start extension development.

I've recently been doing some fiddling with getting data from multiple, related sections from within an event (as opposed to solely from what's posted to the event). I've created some notes which detail what I think I've learned and some questions I'm left with that might be good topics for developer documentation.

Although probably not required to address the general concepts, in this project's case Products are assigned Brands and have Instances (an Instance being a particular SKU/version of the Product). So three sections.

Any insights/correcting of confusion over my general approach welcome. :-)

Guys, what the latest on this? I want to learn more about Symphony's architecture and all the related matters in order to develop my own plugins, and of course, release them to the community (if they are of any help).

Is there any official documentation I can read about to enlighten the road?

@DavidOliver, Great docs! this is very handy stuff. SymQl has it's limitations in your case, but we've found it invaluable to simplifying the retireval of data from sections inside event. i.e. Event Registration forms with multiple delegates and payment mechanic conditions... great for storing and checking against DB for prices before triggering cart calculations etc.. Bookmarked your work for further reading :)

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