A new Extension, “Duplicate Entry (Save As New button)” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Duplicate an entry with a single click.

Very similar to carston’s Populate Entry except this uses a more conventional UI approach. A second button is added to the Edit form of each entry with a label “Save as New”, thereby replicating the well understood Save/Save As from within desktop apps.

Nicely done!

Hi Nick,

Would it be possible to save the entry in a new section (with exactly the same fields and field names).

Useful perhaps for seperate languages sections :)

Technically possible. How do you see the UI working such that you are able to choose the target section?

I haven’t tried the Duplicate Entry estension yet, I got my question out first ;)

Let me try it out first before I answer.

Ok, I’m not sure how ‘easy’ it would be.. but perhaps as easy as an section dropdown beside the Save as New button and an option in the preferences to show it?

Duplicate Entry updated to version 1.1 on 22nd of February 2010

Ok, I’m not sure how ‘easy’ it would be.. but perhaps as easy as an section dropdown beside the Save as New button and an option in the preferences to show it?

I made it a little more intelligent than that. The dropdown will show if you have two sections that are identical (same field names and types only). So if you create an identical Articles section with the same fields (labelled the same, but their settings/placements don’t need to be the same) then when editing an entry in either one of these identical sections you will see a drop down. It will default to the current section.

In my example I have two sections: “Messages” and “Messages (copy)”.


Duplicate Entry updated to version 1.2 on 29th of November 2010

This version updates the functionality that allows the saving of entries between two sections.

Suggestion: If using the Static Section Extension, don't shows the button.


If you make or a localizable String as well, I will send you a german translation file :D (if Nils is not doing it first)

(have to learn how to use github properly, but can’t find the time currently)

"or" added :-)

Yes, please do send me a file that follows the same format as the others (or use the Localisation Manager extension to create it). I will accept a file, but you should definitely learn how to use Github as it will make your life to much better in more ways than you ever imagined...

Here it is. Will definitely look into github :) cheers!


BTW, this extension works well with Sym 2.2.1, nick you can update the extensions details page if you want

@nitriques I second that

Doesn't play nice with subsection manager.. Subsection manager doesn't see the dup entries

Hmm I'm not sure it would ever play nicely as SSM (Stage) controls the entry creation process, whereas Duplicate Entry would take entry creation out of SSM control.

A really useful extension to this extension would be the ability to choose which sections the Duplicate Entry-Button will apply, rather than using it on all sections.

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