I have an entry that has a select box link to another section. In my data source, I can make the id of the linked entry appear in the param pool. When I select more than one entry, I don’t get any results.

The linked entries show up in the XML, but the param has nothing.

Any ideas? This doesn’t seem right to me. I’m on 2.0.6 and 1.10 of the Select Box Link field.


Sounds like a bug to me. I recall having a similar problem and narrowing it down to the way that either a) the SBL field sends its output parameters (see its getParameterPoolValue function) or b) the functions inside the Frontendpage class which do the flattening and interpretation of the values.

I think I fixed it by sending the result from the SBL’s getParameterPoolValue function as a string rather than an array (by imploding as a comma-delimited string). However this is probably bad practice since arrays should be correctly interpreted, and will in the future be escaped (if they contain commas).

You should post a bug report. Can you try adding this line into the getParameterPoolValue function of the SBL field and see what is returned. This might help the team diagnose:

var_dump($data); die;

I mentioned this to Alistair a few weeks ago. I think it’s already fixed in integration.

I’m not sure what integration means. Does that mean updating the extension from the version on GitHub?

“integration” is the name of one of the branches of Symphony on Github. “Master” is the current latest stable release (2.0.6 at time of writing) whereas “Integration” is where the updates from the core team and community go, are tested and merged. When a release is made, the integration branch is moved to “master” (marking a new stable release) and the cycle continues.

So “fixed in integration” means it will be fixed in the next Symphony release :-)

Oh … Is there a way to quickly patch things? I have a project on deadline that needs to link to a sponsors section.

Maybe I can just use some logic in my XSLT that uses the title info returned in the XML … That might work for now.


If you can find the commit to the integration branch, Github will tell you which files and lines changed, so you can manually copy/paste the patch into your own build.

Found the fix!

This change worked like a charm. Thanks!

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