I'd be happy to rejig this template about, such as add @fontface options, more JavaScript etc...


Can I make a archive like this one :


Has anything been decided during the meetup about using this for the upcoming 2.3 release?

I'm looking to add a blog to my existing Symphony installation and found this ensemble by searching discussions here. I like the Piano Sonata, but have two questions.

Are there any simpler blog implementations that I should look at? It's a trick question, I know, since it can only be as-simple-as-possible. At the least, I imagine a blog would contain article creation, commenting, archive management, and probably tags of some form. Piano Sonata looks awesome, but it might take me a while to get my head around all the back-end admin structure that goes into it.

Asking really the same thing another way, is there a recommended way to integrate this ensemble into an existing Symphony installation? I can install Piano Sonata into a subdirectory and tell the parent install to ignore that directory via htaccess, but then they're essentially two unrelated installations. I guess that what I want, technically, is database sharing (so content is accessible across the two later). Should I just give Piano Sonata a different table prefix and have it install to the same database? Is there a way (an extension, say) to access tables with different prefixes?

@Anhedonia: I don't think there is a way to integrate two different Symphony installations. I would just install the Ensemble separately using a different database and copy / paste any of the patterns to your own project.

Remie: I've considered doing that, but am concerned about making a mistake in the translation. Generally, manually copying existing work (a complete, published Ensemble) doesn't make sense. It duplicates effort, is error-prone, and just generally tedious. It seems that the general problem has been discussed, but I'm dismayed that there's no current working solution.

It's actually being discussed/debated at length in #1002. Admittedly the discussion tails off in places and gets a bit sidetracked with political bullshit, but the general concept has been researched and thought about thoroughly from a theoretical perspective.

Thanks, brendo, for the note. I had looked at that issue briefly (and will read through it fully when I get time). I'm glad that you guys have the vision to even have such things on the road-map. It's certainly a non-trivial plan, so understandably a long discussion. Being new to Symphony, I didn't want to do the manual re-creation if there's already a better, idiomatic way, hence my original question here.

I have taken a stab at updating the Piano Sonata ensemble to Symphony 2.3. @Fazal, I have sent a pull request.

Thanks for the pull, Fazal. That's a pretty big merge, spanning everything from Symphony 2.0.6 to Symphony 2.3 ;-)

An article about the process of updating the Piano Sonata ensemble.

I have found some other issues that still need to be fixed, now that I am using my blog on a daily basis. I'll be sending more pull requests, Fazal, unless it would help you more if I just assume responsibility for the maintenance of the ensemble repository.

Hey Stephen,

I had left this ensemble for dead quite a while back. Thanks for reviving it and bringing it up to date! I pulled in your changes and I think I will have a go at updating some things myself.

If not, I'll be happy to hand over the repository to you.

@Fazal, I'd be interested in seeing what you would do to update the ensemble, actually. If you are happy to maintain the ensemble, that would be great.

As I have been work with it more, I was just realizing there were fixes and improvements that were needed:

  • Sorting tags
  • Sorting categories
  • Fixing the RSS feed ($symphony-build was replaced with $symphony-version)
  • <strong> elements are not styled
  • Tables need formatting
  • Blockquotes might need an alternate style for longer quoted passages
  • Filtering of data sources to prevent drafts from being included in tag and category archives

I have made these fixes on my blog, but I still need to add these fixes to the ensemble. I'll let you know when I have them ready to be pulled in.

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