I'm getting empty results as well, in 2.2.3 and 2.2.4

Sorry for the delayed response to this one. This looks like a DNS issue - investigating.

This should now be fixed.

I am having a somewhat related issue now. I believe the empty field issue was due to me working in a local environment and using localhost rather than a domain to pass to the services API.

Now, it seems that all of the data is getting dumped into the XML id node, and leaving the rest of them blank. Here is an example:

    <id>id = "XXXXXXXX";
country = "US";
region = "XX";
city = "XXXXXXXXX";
postcode = "";
lat = "XXXXXXXX";
lon = "XXXXXXXX";
met = "XXX";
arc = "XXX";
error = false;</id>
    <lookups />
    <country />
    <region />
    <city />
    <lat />
    <lon />
    <error />

The extension was using the wrong version of the API and was not getting an array back. I've fixed this and pushed an update to version 3.2 -

Thank you, Joseph.

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