A new Extension, “Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC) updated to version 1.3 on 12th of February 2010

@Alistair: You can update the compatibility info as it work in 2.2.1

I'm afraid Alistair is no longer around. He's a police man now.

This extension is now handled by the Symphony Team,although I don't know if there is really any need for this in 2.2.1? I thought it had been merged with the core, or was that 3, I can't recall...

@designermonkey: Where is the official repro ? I don't think it is part of the core I once need to install it in 2.2.1

It must have been Symphony 3 that it has been merged then...

The repo is now at :

Ok thanks ! I will update my stuff !!

From poking around at this extension a long time ago, I came to the conclusion that it's kind of redundant. Symphony now has a static accessor to it's database object (Symphony::Database) which has most of the methods that ASDC has. I think you'd be better off using the native database object than using this...

What do you need it for that Symphony's MySQL class does not offer?

I knew there was something that made this redundant, I couldn't remember where I'd read it, but it was mentioned a while back.

Nicely clarified Nick.

@nickdunn: As I said on Github, I found the Iterator pattern nice. Working with objects too. But if this will become obsolete I won't use it anymore.

As discuss on GitHub (again), how about updating/replacing the extensions page for obsolete extensions ? Or for extensions that are no longer maintain by their original creator(s) ?

They are being "retired" by either the extension owner, or the forum mods. However, some aren't known to be until good people like yourself bring it up ;o)

@designermonkey: I will continue to report it then !

@admins: Please mark this ext as obsolete !

i think it's too soon to mark this extension obsolete since it's a dependency of eventex

In which case someone needs to update EventEx and Database Manipulator to not use ASDC :-P

I agree with @nickdunn...

I forked EDUI for adding some extra features and remove the ASDC while being in it...

Hey guys. I have fixed this extension up for Symphony 2.3 onwards. I see there is some comment about it being redundant and obsolete. I assure you that is not the case.

The core database code issues a query and is returned a resource. From there is pulls all the data in one big chunk and stores it in PHP's memory. fetch, fetchRow & fetchCol functions operate on this data. This is fine for small sets of data, but imagine if you needed to pull a massive number of rows. The core code forgoes any of the MySQL memory management by just pulling down everything at once. This means it is easier for SQL mistakes to kill the system etc.

ASDC is different. It uses iterators and database resources (which are references to datasets kept on the MySQL side). The query is issued in the same way, but the returned database record resource is attached to an iterator. The long and short is this means data is only grabbed when it is needed which is more memory efficient.

ASDC is also modular. Developers could potentially create their own drivers by extending the Database and DatabaseResultIterator abstract classes. The interface remains the same.

Anyway, I could go on but I am not trying to sell the extension to you just point out it's reason for existence.

In fact, this forum uses ASDC for the reasons I mention (and a few more).

Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC) updated to version 1.5 on 16th of September 2012

Hey Alistair, it's exciting to see you back again! I am looking forward to following your contributions. I recall that the ASDC extension is a dependency of the Forum ensemble. This update makes me want to try updating that ensemble.

I must admit I thought this had been merged with the core already?

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