A new Extension, “MailChimp” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

@Lewis - Will you be updating this extension to be compatible with 2.1.x and 2.2?

Yes, I hope to next week.


Is this updated for 2.2 yet?

How flexible is it? All I need is just an e-mail field for a newsletter sign up, but just need to link it into MailChimp.

It will be updated this weekend, promise!

Awesome! It's a requirement of a current project, nearly went with Wordpress for it's mailchimp plugins, glad I don't have too though!

Cool, having myself a Symphony extension updating/developing weekend!


MailChimp updated to version 1.1 on 10th of March 2011

Great stuff. I'll try this out during this week!

I can't seem to get this working. I've gone through the readme and used the example, however I don't need the Name fields, just the e-mail fields, so I've took them out.

When I submit the form, I get this Symphony error:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
C:xampphtdocsFabricdevextensionsmailchimpeventsevent.mailchimp.php line 52

47          $result = new XMLElement("mailchimp");          
49          $api = new MCAPI($this->_driver->getUser(), $this->_driver->getPass());
51          $cookies = new XMLElement("cookies");   
52          foreach($merge as $key => $val)
53          {
54              if(!empty($val))
55              {
56              $cookie = new XMLElement('cookie', $val);

Any ideas?

Poor assumption on my part. The event assumes you will be passing along some merged fields. I'll fix it and push an update ASAP (tonight or tomorrow).

Thanks for discovering this!

Awesome, thanks!

FYI, the changes are github. I have not updated it here, however, because I can't get git to track my changes in the file. I'd like to solve that before I update it officially. So please ignore the fact that the readme doesn't reflect the changes.

MailChimp updated to version 1.11 on 1st of April 2011

I'm getting an error when I try to submit a form with this. Everything is set up as it should be, including the list ID, however I get this error when I attempt to submit the form:

    <mailchimp result="error">
            <cookie handle="email"></cookie>
        <error>Invalid Mailchimp API Key: {API-KEY-REMOVED}-us2 . You are accessing the wrong datacenter - your client library may not properly support our datacenter mapping scheme.</error>

I'm using Symphony 2.2.1 and MailChimp 1.11

Any ideas?

Yup, I'll fix it this weekend.

Great, thanks Lewis.

MailChimp updated to version 1.12 on 19th of June 2011

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