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A new Extension, “Symphony in Dutch (Nederlands)” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Hey Carsten have you got this in use on a 2.1.0 yet? Can’t let Germans and Italians beat us can’t we ;-)

Ik zal het eens even bekijken, bedankt!

I have been very busy with traveling and my new job, so I haven’t had time to track a lot of progress being made here. I don’t think that language packs should be released anymore as separate extensions, but part of the localization extension, right?

In ieder geval zou het leuk zijn als we met z’n allen een goede vertaling maken en de Duitsers en Italianen verslaan :)

Carsten; Still as seperate extensions, only the manager is now into the core, as I understand it;


Welke tools gebruiken we als we samen gaan vertalen? Transiflex?

Just to clarify: Translation should be released as separate extensions, see here.

Since Symphony 2.0.7 the core has been offering a language selection if more than one language is available (provided by a language extention for the core or bundled as a subset of strings with another extension).

There is still an extension called Localisation Manager which should be used by translators to create there language files. But it’s no longer needed to switch installed languages as this feature is now implemented into the core.

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