Me too.

Symphony 3 Beta has just been released in front of our eyes. :-)

Here are some photos of the Symposium so far:

I’m enjoying previewing Symphony 3 Beta a world away, looks like fun ya’ll.

There are some issues with the “last minute” installer - never mind! Jonas, Nils, Stephen and me managed to get it up and running, and our first impressions are fantastic.

Craig and I won’t have a chance to write up a proper blog post announcing Symphony 3 until sometime next week but since Symphony 3 is now public, I thought I should post up a feature/change log to detail some of what is in the new version. Please note that the the attached text file is not a complete list.

Symphony 3 Change Log.txt

Rainer and Brian: Yes, it was all recorded, with a few minor hiccups.

Thanks guys for a wonderful weekend. Symposium 2010 UK was beyond amazing.

We just arrived home savely. Thanks all for a great weekend filled with Symphony and talks to nice people!

Thanks from me, too! Home safe and sound we’re sitting on the sofa and missing all that geeky Symphony talk already. What a weekend, hope everyone else is still having fun!

Good Night from Flickr to you all

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to the Symphony Symposium, to Airlock for hosting the event, and for the developers for all their work to get Symphony 3 beta ready for release. It’s been a fantastic weekend, and not just because of the latest release but because we were able to bring together such a talented group of individuals from London, New York, Bonn, Munich, Milan, Vancouver and Brisbane to think about how we can share our knowledge and work together to help keep making Symphony even better. It was great to meet you all!

Just want to add Braunschweig and Erlangen to list of cities. :)

A big Thank You to everyone for everything. I had a great time at the Symposium and I’m happy to be a part of this amazing community.

This certainly sounds like it was more enjoyable than my trip to the dentist.

I look forward to seeing the recordings.

It definitely was. I really enjoyed those “tech” meetings and the social events alike. Special thanks to bauhouse (who initiated the Symposium), to Joseph/Airlock, who engaged in organizing the meetup, and last but not least to Allen and Craig, who made this weekend surpass all my expectations.

I will be leaving London soon, but still my head spins. What an intense experience! I hope to meet everybody again soon.

Likewise, what I could attend I really enjoyed so thank you to all the attendees for attending and to the organisers for organising. It was great to be able to put faces and voices to the forum users and Github accounts ;-) Next time I’ll be sure not to double-book myself so I can attend all proceedings!

I’ll put up my presentation slides soon.

Hmm.. This really makes me kind of jealous..

Is this going to be repeated anytime soon?

Nick, did you do a presentation about an admin layer? This would be really useful for a project I’m working on right now..

Look at all the happy faces!

Group photo

P.S. I don’t have a Flickr-account, so if anybody of you wants to upload it to the pool that’s fine by me!

klaftertief/Jonas, you managed to hide!

klaftertief/Jonas, you managed to hide!

Yes, you did so on every single picture!

If you look closely you can see me. Well, a tiny part if my head. I thought that Allen and michael-e in front of me would be smaller ;)

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