I need to generate RFC 4122-compliant UUIDs (or GUIDS), like this:


And I found some javascript like math.uuid.js , but hope to create them in sections, maybe just add one special field and auto-generate it when create new entry.

Could suggest what to do about it?

We already have a Hash Field which is a text input field that converts what you type into an MD5 hashed string. You could modify this and replace the md5() conversion with something like this.


WOW! You rock!

You could try to modify the field to let you chose wich type of hashing (md5, SHA, UUID) you want for this particular instance and send your changes to Alistair.

@phoque I’m not a PHP programer, maybe just try to modify Hash Field with some php uniqid sample to fit my need. It’s already beyond the scope of my ability…

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