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I am finding myself adding multiple fields for the same purpose (e.g., adding fields “bandmember1,” “bandmember2,” “bandmember3,” etc, so I can bullet them out into list form.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add entries into the same field and separate them using a common symbol (say, a semicolon). Example:

field “bandmembers” with the content, “bandmember1; bandmember2; bandmember3”

And write XSLT to insert a <li> (or whatever) every time it encounters a semicolon. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance!


If I understand you correctly you’d like a function which splits a string and returns xml elements?

If so, this may be useful: str:split template

Ah, thank you!

Or you could also use the Tag List Field, by separating them with commas.

You could also use Nils’ Subsection Manager extension.

@brian/doug - Thanks! Since I am a tool novice, those options look much more appetizing! One day I’ll have some solid knowledge…

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