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I’ve the following problem:

<custom-data hash="753b235600ff25e83468bd309520b7d5">my data</custom-data>

I’ve the data above and for a dynamic datasource I only need the “hash” part. If I create a DS and select “custom-data” as parameter output, how would I only call the “hash”-part in the dynamic data source?

{$ds-custom-data[@hash]} ???

Short answer is that you can’t. The parameter output is generated by each of the fields getParameterPoolValue function. Some fields provide their own, with others falling back to use the default Symphony field behaviour which just outputs the value.

You could extend whatever field you are using and change it’s getParameterPoolValue to return the data you’re after (ie. hash)?


I just copied/modified an existing extension. Maybe I’ll create a custom DS and do the encoding over there. Thanks for the info!

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