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A new extension, “Multilingual Field” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This is one of my first extensions, I developed this extension as a rapid solution for small project, it’s working fine but I can not test it so much.

All comments to improve the extension or to solve bugs are welcome.


Multilingual Field updated to version 1.0 - beta on 11th of June 2010

This looks superawesome!!! I can’t wait to try your extension!

Awesome. #win

I like this!

This looks really great. I have been thinking about doing something similar a few weeks ago for a website Johanna and I are working on.

One thing I would need is tab reordering for defining a primary and a secondary language on a per entry base. I have been looking through the code and I think it should be possible to add this and to simplify a few things. If I find the time, I’ll fork your repository and add that feature.

@Nils: Will be great to see how you improve the extension. Thanks!

That looks really useful.

I want to finish my extensions for the 2.0.8 version of Symphony. Do you have any wishes or comments for the Language Redirect extension?

This looks awesome!

This is a great addition to an already great CMS framework! I’m on 2.0.7 and can’t get a WYSYWIG to appear above the tabs and when I first enter the section to add an entry - the single line and text box areas are collapsed - you have to click on a tab to force the text areas to open out.. also what WYSIWYG you using in the image? looks nice and neat?

@moonoo2: Do you have more than 1 language defined in language redirect field? I see when there are only 1 language defined the tab is collapsed, if do you have more than 1 language it should work. I will fix it as soon as possible.

In the preview I use murkItUp! extension, you can use Multilingual with this extension or WMD extension, not sure if Multilingual Field is compatible with other Symphony WYSIWYG extensions.

GReat stuff, I’ll loom into Markitup!

I have en and cy defined and they are still collapsed!

@moonoo2: I just fix the bug that makes fields collapsed. Download the last version in the repository. Thanks to report it ;)!


Was it related to default lang being es in the js?

Just found it in firebug! :)

Also, was thinking if there was a possibility of having the ability to have multi lingual page names under Blueprints>Pages ?

I have seen it used in wordpress using a plug in called qtranslate and you place brackets like this [en:]English title[es:]Spanish Title in the page title field.

What are peoples thoughts on this?

EDIT This is working great now on a 2.0.8RC3 install, got it working with WMD Editor for markdown, markitup doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

How are people managing to translate the main pages of their sites? this works for sections but wondering what peoples approach is to the main blueprints>pages and how to enable multilingual names for these entries.

Hi, I installed this on fresh Symphony installation (2.0.7) but something’s wrong. I follow all the steps correctly, making sure to enable Language Redirect first, but the text areas do not display properly for me (see image). What could be wrong?

UPDATE Hmm, this seems to be related to the first time you view a current entry or add a new one. When trying to do so, the fields do not appear as in the image. However after saving, they suddenly appear. To make things stranger.. I don’t actually need to save the entry; if I just append ‘/saved/’ to the URL then the fields display correctly first time, even though I haven’t actually clicked “Save”.

Any ideas what this could be?

Thanks, John


Seems to be caused by a JavaScript bug in 2.0.7. Do you see any JS errors in Firebug or likewise?If so, download 2.0.7 from this website (it’s a patched version) or update to 2.0.8RC3, it’s much more stable.

Ahaaa you’re right. Think I will just go with 2.0.8 straight away, thanks :)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems you cannot use a datasource filter on a multi-lingual field? When I try it, it throws MySQL errors about columns not existing..

Same for me. Also when i use this field together with Select Box/Select Box Link it trows similar errors.

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