Getting these errors on login.

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() An error occurred in /nfs/c02/h09/mnt/29224/domains/ around line 328

Finally had a chance to try S3 on my Ubuntu VM and am floored by the interface improvements. Fanastic work, all!

I want to see. Can’t get past this errors on admin landing screen.

briandrum reported the same error back on page 2 of this thread, but got no response that I’ve found.

What OS and web server are you running?

Its on a MT (GS) service.

NickToye, you’re better off just trying to get this to work on your local machine.

Remember it’s just a beta, environments like MT’s (gs) server wouldn’t be the best place for you to start looking at S3.

@Fazal, right so I need to install MAMP don’t I?

Have to say MAMP was easy, don’t know what I was afraid of. Installed in under 30 seconds, no less 10 seconds.


I love the direction Symphony is going here.

Couple of feedback points.

  1. Don’t like the way the dropdowns over on the right aligns the drop down to the right side of the box and not the left.

  2. Installed all the extensions, however Rowan Lewis’ extension rewrite v1.0.2 is giving me this error:

    Missing argument 1 for Extension::enable(), called in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/s3/symphony/lib/class.extension.php on line 71 and defined An error occurred in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/s3/symphony/lib/class.extension.php around line 41

  3. Also getting this error when creating a new Login event

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() An error occurred in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/s3/extensions/members/lib/class.login-event.php around line 90

  4. And again with the new Logout event

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() An error occurred in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/s3/extensions/members/lib/class.logout-event.php around line 89

Apologise if they have already been mentioned.

Looking good though, very shiny. I like.

Out of curiosity, how is 3 coming?

It appears that nothing has been done since its release. There are 65 active issues listed on github.

I have more concern for Symphony 2.2 ;-)

Just an update I suppose for the curious.

As nick has mentioned, S2.2 is priority at the moment.

S3 is still being ‘loosely developed’ but most of it has been for another project, and the changes haven’t been merged back to the official repo as yet.

There’s actually been a bit of a flurry of talk about S3 at a WG level this week, so rest assured that it hasn’t been forgotten :)

Hope the merge can be done quickly and have a less-buggy GIT repo… :)

You shouldn’t count on Symphony 3 being available in the near future. It’s fine for playing around, but if you actually want to build a website and put it live, please use Symphony 2!

(Neither the community nor the working groups nor the core team could support you if anything went wrong with a S3 install. And there would be issues for sure.)

I just cloned the git repository for 3.0, navigated to the install directory and got the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'Symphony' not found in ###/lib/class.datetimeobj.php on line 18

Any ideas?

@ErisDS - I’m not sure. Just so you know, Symphony 3.0 is really buggy right now. Actually, it should have never been named a beta. It’s more like an alpha right now. You might focus on Symphony 2.1.2. It’s very, very stable. 2.2 will come out in a Release Candidate stage soon. Right now, Symphony 2.1.2. Would be your best bet.

Oh I do use 2 for anything serious, I just wanted to play with 3.0 and see what was going on, that is all. Reading a feature list is never quite as good as diving in and having a good old play.

Sorry to ressurect this thread. I've been putting some hours into symphony-3 as per the 2 year old blog post reccommended but I see nothing moving. Should I presume that the symphony-3 project is zombified?

It's a shame that you've wasted your time on that one, and a shame that no one has seemed to properly tell the community that Symphony 3 as was, is a dead project.

The repository is still around as the code is being used in production on very few sites (albeit modified and fixed to some degree), and also as a reference point prototype.

A lot of the concepts that are in Symphony 3 are being worked into the 2.x version of Symphony as it is. Some of the concepts are changing as more of the community talk to the working group, and also as the working group use the features. We all know what a little user feedback does to a feature-set ;)

I feel bad that you've spent time on it now. If you have any time, please add it to the current version milestones as we are moving Symphony toward the ideals of Symphony 3, albeit more slowly.

Oh, wow, this sort of thing should be on the Readme file on the repo and the repository description. I wish I had known this earlier (I've been looking around for the status even before I sat down to deal with some of those issues).

Anyhow, moving on I really hope that I get some time to work on Symphony2.x soon. I need a break from all the IRL stuff.

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