I’m getting XML from a third-party that looks something like this:


I would like to output the values as a JavaScript array like this, filling in the absent date values with a “0”:

[ { "value": 3.2187 }, { "value": 0 }, { "value": 3.3474 }, { "value": 0 }, { "value": 0 }, { "value": 3.4601 } ]

Is this feasible in XSLT? Or should I be looking for a different approach altogether?

I don’t understand how you get from 3 sets of values in the XML to 6 in the JavaScript. How do you define an absent value?

EDIT: got it, it’s based on dates to the “0” are missing days?

I think you’d want to find the difference between the dates in the first and last item elements to establish a number of days. You then loop for this number (in your example six times) adding a day to the date each time, cross reference back to your XML to see if you have a value for the date.

You’ll need to use the EXSLT date:difference() and date:add() functions:

Thanks for the pointers, Nick. I’ll get started and post the results here.

I had the same requirement some time ago and created a custom datasource that just prints out dates of a given time range to iterate over. The XML is grouped by year, month and number of week, spiced with some additional information like the day of year. I can clean up the datasource a bit an post it here if you want to go this way.

Thanks Jonas, I would be very interested in seeing that, if you don’t mind spending the time to clean it up.

Brian, here is a link to the custom datasource. I removed the grouping by week and put the number of the week as a parameter of the day element. You can use start- and end-parameters, they run through strtotime(), but I didn’t do any error checking there.

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