I am just about done with phase 1 of my site and I am looking to make the migration from my localhost to my webhost (i.e. Dreamhost). Is it as simple as installing symphony, copying over files, and importing DB information? If not, could anyone recommend me a good place to look for help making the migration from local to web? Thank you!


Hi Adam,

yes, as long as you haven’t hard-coded your localhost address into your XSLT or Section content, it should just be a matter of:

  1. Copying your files to the webhost
  2. Copying your database to the web DB
  3. Editing the config.php file to point to the new database

Can’t think of an existing step by step for this, but post any questions you have w/ the process & I’m sure we’l get you up & running.

Rock on, Andrew - I appreciate it! I will keep you posted and thanks for all your help so far!

Personally, I think the most confusing part is the exporting and importing of the database… It’s the only part that can really trip you up.

If you copy all the files, watch the permissions. The workspace folder and its content must be writable by PHP. The manifest folder normally has the PHP owner because it is written upon installation. If you simply copy it using FTP, it will be owned by the FTP owner instead. So it might not be writable by PHP. Check if Symphony actually writes to the log file.

It might be easier to do a fresh install and copy only the extensions and the workspace files.

Yeah, michael-e brings up a good point. If you are on shared hosting & can’t give PHP the proper access to the files, it can cause problems down the road.

Can’t you export it as an ensemble and install it at the new location? Wouldn’t that be a more efficient way?

Yes, this is possible, but you can run into problems where extensions have been added that add to or alter the database structure. The export ensemble extension doesn’t account for any of these changes, and it doesn’t include any author information. As long as these factors don’t make a difference, an ensemble should work fine.

Hey all, thanks for the help! With the huge help of Brian (bzerangue), phase 1 of is up and running (well, I still have a night of uploading files, but I believe it is fully functional)! Massive thanks, Brian - legend.

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