Woot, it’s up for “open source application of the year” (item 13)


Voted :)


Was just about to rush in here and tell everyone to vote… Someone beat me…

I’m going to vote right now.

voted (btw anyone using modernizr?…)

I’m going to be using it on an upcoming non-Symphony project I’m working on but that’s only because I’m going to be using HTML5. Beyond that? Never touched it.




I think we should also ask our clients to vote for it - because they love it too right?

Voted yesterday.


And nominations for Packt’s Open Source Awards are open.

@klaftertief Yes, we’ve asked the Advocacy Working Group to think about making a push for the Packt awards.

Voted, glad to see Symphony on a list of such a prestigious magazine! However, I’m not glad to see Wordpress 3.0 on the same list. .net is a good magazine but practically has an article/tutorial about WP every month. I suspect that a lot of subscribers will vote for this application…

Yep, it’s either Wordpress plugin tutorials for beginners or Britpack guest writers on ExpressionEngine. For the advocacy working group: write a piece or three for the mag!

I actually cancelled my .Net subscription recently. Got kind of tired of all the Flash stuff.

@newnomad - my exp with modernizr is not vast, but it’s basically a browser function checker and seems a little heavy. if you are utilizing newer html/js techniques, then this will be a good js library to use to check for whichever funtionality you need


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