I want to promote Symphony on my site as well as on an online magazine I run in Liverpool, is there an official Logo pack for such requirements?

Spread Symphony. Like Warm Butter.

Whether you’re proposing Symphony to a client or just helping us spread the word, you’ll want to get your hands on these resources.

Get everything here:

What is wrong with me. :) Just spent 30 minutes looking for this, as I do remember stumbling on it.

More coffee could be the answer. :)

Thanks Nils, much obliged.

Since Symphony is all about XML and open source, it would be good to have an SVG version of the Symphony logo. See attached.


While the logo is great, maybe we need an icon too? You know, something square that you can use as favicon or as application logo for a Site-Specific Browser (SSB) made in Fluid... Currently the favicon is just the pink dot, so I should be using something like this as my symphony app icon?.... Maybe something descriptive like the old logo isn't bad Or maybe we can take the first 2 letters (cliche)? Or does everyone just pleases their clients with their own logo on the app?

Once we have one, let's upload it to the fluid flickr group and other resources for icons

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