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A new extension, “Custom Preferences” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

As a sidenote: this isn’t going to be a replacement for Static Sections. Actually, this extension is built on it. The advantage of having static sections behave as preferences is that it helps authors think of them as real static content.

Please give feedback :)

This looks very interesting! I haven’t tried Static Sections yet but this is motivating me to do so. I would suggest renaming this to “Static Sections Preferences” instead, so it’s not confused for something else.

Thank you nick :)

I’ve chosen “Custom Preferences” because through static, hidden sections you can build your personal preferences, but suggestions for a new name are welcome.

By the way, did you try the extension? Any thoughts/advices?

Here’s a list of improvements for the new version:

  • Making use of the navigation groups to generate each tab. This way, you can edit more than a single section inside the same page.
  • Relying on Publish Tabs to control how many fieldset will be visibile in the preferences. This way you can decide to put every fields you want inside the same fieldset. Moreover, the value of each Publish Tab field will be stored as the fieldset’s legend for better readability.

Custom Preferences updated to version 0.2 on 30th of August 2010

[…] Publish Tabs fields are [now] treated as fieldsets. Every field that comes after a Publish Tab in the section editor will be added to the same fieldset until a new Publish Tab follows.


Interesting! How did you achieve both tabs and fieldsets?

Hi Nick :)

First of all, tabs are sections and fieldsets are publish tab fields. I used your extension Publish Tabs for both styling tabs and allowing authors to create custom fieldsets (code reuse FTW!). More precisely:

  • Each tabs links to a different page thus no JavaScript is involved. This is because in order to save the content of each page I need the section’s unique identifier (that is passed as a GET parameter through the $this->_context array).
  • Every time a field is of type publish_tabs, a fieldset is created with a label being the field’s.

Does this answer your question?

Yes it does thanks.

Custom Preferences updated to version 0.2.1 on 1st of September 2010

I love the Static Sections extension and this one rocks. It even works with my Color Chooser Field. I can see all kinds of uses for this.

You have a pull request on github. Updated compatibility with Publish Tabs.


Custom Preferences updated to version 0.2.2 on 8th of February 2011

  • Symphony 2.2 compatibility (thanks Vlad!)

Custom Preferences updated to version on 1st of April 2011

  • Romanian language (by Vlad)

I just tried saving a title input field and then was greeted with this error on the following page:

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchFields() on a non-object in /home/site.com/extensions/entry_versions/extension.driver.php on line 98

seems like something from nick's entry versions extension?

Uhm, I probably need to check for fetchFields existence before invoking this method. Will look into it, thanks dale!

I think i found a bug with "Custom preferences" and the "File Upload field", aparently if you use a file upload field in custom preferences, it has some problem with the file path, thats how it looks when you try to save:


suposed to be:


Any idea of what is causing this?

I confirm the bug @duhpc mentioned. It's also positive for Unique File Upload. Any chances to fix it, eKoeS?

Sure, I should have some spare time tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback. ;)

Custom Preferences updated to version on 30th of May 2011

Fixes the above-mentioned bug.

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