I may have a little job where a site will be creating a quote based on certain choices in a form.

Is that possible out of the box with Symphony?

So like Step 1 - choose budget Step 2 has choices based on what budget is chosen and so on…

Then at the end an email is sent to the client with the quote info.

I was thinking about using the Email Template Filter and a series of Choose statements.

Should be possible shouldn’t it?

Is that possible out of the box with Symphony?

As you know there’s nothing really “out of the box” so anything is technically possible. Do all of the choices need to be hard-coded in Symphony, or are they choices that are baked into your XSLT? Sounds like more of a UI challenge than a content management challenge to me.

Yeah that’s the beauty of Symphony. Nothing is impossible. Would make a great slogan.

I don’t really know at this junction whether or not they do need to be hardcoded as I am waiting for a detailed brief to land in my inbox. He currently has it in Flash and it’s complete trash - nothing works.

I would prefer to create this over pages, rather than on the same page. Simplify, so I won’t need to use any Ajax (is it still called that?) :)

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