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Now that I’m going nuts with my newly achieved submodules knowledge and keep updating my extensions I’ve stumbled across an issue:

The extension manager keeps the extension’s state (active, inactive, uninstalled) and it’s version number. When I update the extension that state switches from active to inactive. Makes (kind of) sense so far.

However after updating the extension, everything still works. The preferences are still there, the pages, the menuitems. Except everything is in English now. After going to the extensions pane and reactivating the new version, the translations are back and everything is normal (and in my case, German) again.

Is this supposed to happen like this? Firstly, why does it still work when it’s supposed to be inactive and secondly, why are only the translations missing?

Maybe the Extension Manager needs some tender love and care. It looks like there are a few related issues:

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