Just wanted a little bit of advice really, recently been doing a lot of client work with Symphony and have been using GIT to install directly on my live server.

Thing is, been doing a lot of the same tasks, same utilities, same datasources etc…

Now if I create an Ensemble to use, how would I hook that up to a GIT repo, so regardless of how up to date Symphony is I can still use the same Ensemble and then update to the latest Symphony release.

Wouldn’t this just be a matter of whether or not the Ensemble zipping stores the hidden git files in the install? Anyone know offhand?

If it does, it seems like the repo should be ready once its been unzipped. If not, seems like it would be nice to have that as an option.

Git files are not stored in the ZIP file created by the Export Ensemble extension. I think it would be possible to modify the extension to include it.

Probably the best way to keep the ensemble abstracted from the core repository would be to use submodules for the workspace and extensions directories.

When you update the core files, you’ll likely get some conflicts with the core extensions. But other than that, it should be pretty painless.

This might be a good case for making the extensions directory a submodule as well. Then there would be no conflicts at all when updating the core files.

Right I see. So would I not be able to update the Ensemble by pulling from the repo and updating the installed files?

I just updated my portfolio blog ensemble. It should give you a pretty good example of how to set up the repositories. The ensemble repository is the master repository that tracks the changes to the core and the included submodules. The workspace repository is a submodule of the ensemble repository. Updating the submodules for the ensemble repository will update all the extensions and any committed changes made to the workspace.

Thanks Stephen, will look into this tonight. At the moment I’m busy as ever, so looking to nail down some time saving systems, either that or I take on staff. :)

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