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Hi All,

Right now, I’m building a pretty big website made for beach resorts in Thailand, But there’s something I can’t figure out…

I have this feed that has the latest added restaurants, bar, resorts etc. in it. this feed is made in a utility called ‘resort-feed.xsl’ It isn’t displayed on all pages, just some of them…. This feed needs a datasource to work of course. But I don’t know how to add a DS to a utility.

Any idea how to do this or other solutions to build this?



You add the datasource to the page that the utility is being called from.

eg. On your Accommodation page, you would add the required DS, and in the accommodation.xsl it links (via import/include) to resort-feed.xsl.

You cannot add a datasource to a utility.

Alright sounds good, but isn’t that a bit xml-overweighted? because I have to add the whole resort datasource to every page I want the feed on. That doubles the amount of xml for that page. No problem I guess?

I think it’s the only way to do it…

Thanks allot

As long as your datasource is correctly filtering, meaning it is only loading the content entries you need to output into xml, then it isn’t really overweighted. Are you getting datasource content that you don’t need to output through the utility?

Also, if the feed will be on multiple symphony pages, you might want to look at the global resource loader extension, very handy for that sort of thing.

Yeah I filtered the the DS, made one especially for this function.

Thanks for the tip, it’s very handy.

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